Véronique Bogaerts


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This brilliant laureate of the Queen Elisabeth Competition of Belgium is enjoying a remarkable career as a soloist and concert performer in Belgium as well as abroad. After winning several international contests, Bogaerts has given many concerts in Europe, the Far East and South America.

Her busy life includes teaching at the Brussels Royal Conservatoire of Music and at the Musical Center Eduardo Del Pueyo.

At every performance, the press pays tribute to her rich and beautiful tone, her elegant virtuosity and her authentic sensitivity in the tradition of the renowned Belgian violin school.

Véronique Bogaerts received her entire training from the famous Belgian violin teacher Carlo Van Neste. An accomplished player of chamber music, she plays violin and piano duos and trios, string quintets and piano quintets (Ensemble César Franck).

Her very extensive repertoire has also hallowed her to interpret numerous concertos from all periods with conductors of world renown. She has recorded several CDs.

Bogaerts has participated in numerous international juries and contest, including the jury of the Queen Elisabeth Competition in 1997 and 2001.

Véronique Bogaerts plays a magnificent violin, built in 1699 by Jean-Baptiste Roggerius who was a pupil of Amati and worked at the same time as Stradivarius.